Kathleen has lived 9 lives.

As a digital strategist and entrepreneur, she’s guided some of the world’s largest brands with innovative counsel and programs.  With stints in telecommunications, energy, utilities, healthcare, packaged goods and franchising giants, she’s had a truly unique career from social justice initiatives to selling beer, positioning nuclear power plants and launching balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. 

There is very little that she hasn’t seen or been in the room creating.  Her clients read like the who’s who of business with Toshiba, HP, Motorola, Pioneer, Samsung and LG to name a few.  Her background in engineering and science coupled with her media experience gave her a combination that was unrivaled by the competition in technology communications.   She went on to work with Epson, creating the digital imaging consumer category with innovative programs for photography, creativity and ink jet technology – and one of the first corporate blogs in 1996!

Kathleen is now working with a variety of organizations – both nonprofit and commercial organizations to tell effective stories, build engagement and impact as an independent consultant.

Best introduction for a speech ever! Thanks, Evan.
The gentleman who tried to poke holes in my story.
The woman who may have gained the most from my talk.
The fire-ball of a CEO who is awesome and my newest hero.

Notes from a recent talk...

“Yes, it seems as though I’ve lived 9 lives, and like a cat, I’ve landed on my feet every time. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from Wayne State University and was on the Forensics Team, was National Finalist 1982-1985, a National Forensics Association Finalist 1983 Member, and a Forensics Union Phi Beta Kappa Gold Key Recipient. I know how to talk. If you’d like to talk with me, I welcome the opportunity. Catch up with me on LinkedIn or send me a message via my contact form or on social media.
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