Content is king.

Design is king.

Placement is king.

Kathleen works with a variety of organizations – both nonprofit and commercial organizations to tell effective stories, build engagement and impact as co-creator of Chapelure Media.

Connecting the dots is what Kathleen has done her entire life. She has been making these connections for major corporations her entire career and now she is ready to help you and your company make yours. Need to make more meaningful connections? Kathleen has your back. Need to make a career change? She can help you. Looking to expand your corporation’s influence? Kathleen knows the right people. Want to be a startup success? She’s your mastermind.

  • Define and implement strategic communications goals, build story platforms and most effective tactics to intentionally shape an organization’s reputation
  • Develop policy, practice and social media presence including goals and metrics as driving force behind communications/PR efforts
  • Oversee and refine communications operations for more efficient and effective processes
  • Wrangle disorganized thoughts and goals into an elegant strategic plan
  • Set corporate goals and write a corporate plan to achieve them
  • Define personal goals and write a roadmap to reach your perfect destination
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Consulting Strengths

  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Startup Launch
  • Marketing
  • Development

Special Advising Skills

  • Media Relations
  • Executive Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Fundraising


“Kathleen and her team helped our organization define our strategy and build the path to success through effective communications regardless of platform.”

–Keith A. Somers, CEO, Keith A. Somers International Foundation

“Kathleen helped us raise over $44,000 in fewer than 140 days. Our under 14  girls soccer team and parent chaperones are headed to Manchester, England for the best field trip of their lives!”

–Jamie Turgeon, Seacoast Express United Soccer Club